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Evolve (Soulmates #4) by Nicole Dykes


You think you know Andy and Jackie from the Soulmates Series, but how well can you really know someone without hearing their story from them directly?

Andy: Jock, cheater, user, manipulator, all of that may have been true...until one night with a friend at a party changed his view. 

Jackie made him want to change and become a better person.

Jackie: Cheerleader, ditzy, slut... reputation is everything in high school. Jackie had played the part well for years, but after a New Year's Eve Party had resolved to change the way people saw her.

This is Andy and Jackie's story from their own mouths. See how they ended up together. Catch up with the rest of the group after Soulmates and Fate ended and see if their love can survive all of the pressures of new adulthood.

***This book contains mature content and is not intended for anyone younger than 18.



I grew up in a small rural town in Kansas and currently live in a suburb of Kansas City. I love to read books that have main characters that are seriously flawed. I love to write and have been writing since I was in grade school. I wrote for my college newspaper and I just published my first book March 2015! It is the first of a series and I am now working on the 2nd book!

4 Stars

Evolve is a story of new beginnings. Gradual change from old patterns to new. Believing in yourself. and knowing that Who You Were. Who You Are and Who You Will Become Are 3 Completely Different People.

This is Jackie and Andy's story. We met these two in Soulmates and they were not very like able characters. However, based on this story, we get so much more insight into these two and who they really are.

Jackie is a cheerleader and her image and reputation isn't stellar. And having a mother that acts more like a teenager than her, always partying and sleeping around, looking for 'the one' definitely doesn't make life easy for Jackie. She has a flirtatious personality and is simply looking to fit in, while battling peer pressure and the trials of high school.

"As a rite of passage, relationships began and they ended. Friends turned to lovers and fizzled back into the friend zone. Personalities clashed and partners decided the grass was greener." - Lucky Penny by l.a. cotton.

Reality hits right after a one night stand. When Jackie thinks there may be more to sleeping with her friend, she soon realizes that it doesn't mean anything. It was something that happened, and life simply goes on.  While she drowns her sorrows in self pity, Jackie wants to change her life's path. She doesn't want to end up lonely and dependent on a man. Like her mother.

Then we have Andy. Andy has been labelled as a cheater. He's a high school jock and has all the girls circling him. When he chooses to date the sweetest and kindest, and most wholesome girl in school, and because she isn't ready to take their relationship to the next level, sexually, he finds himself in situations, that causes him to vent his sexual frustrations with other girls. Thus destroying his relationship with a girl he cherished, and destroying his friendships.

One night is all is took to change the lives of both Jackie and Andy. These two seem perfect on paper, the jock and the cheerleader. Image is everything in high school. However, they sure do give love a new meaning for me.

Their friendship started slowly, over a school project. Andy was the enemy. She wasn't supposed to be friends with him after he cheated on her best friend. But working together on a school project, gave them enough time to familiarize themselves. Being the odd balls within the group, they bonded over their past mistakes, while learning that they can become who they wanted. Their relationship became more than sexual, it was built on trust and cemented with love.

Nicole Dykes took two teenagers and made them grow into upstanding young adults, staying true to themselves and their promises to be better than they were in high school. They both helped each other grow and mature as individuals and a couple. Chasing their dreams and making them come through.

Jackie and Andy reminded me of the simplicity of love and sacrifice. The true meaning of trust and friendships and ultimately what true Soulmates are.

I loved that this book didn't continue into their high school lives. It touched on their beginnings and then gave us Jackie and Andy as adults, battling the real world. Their story made me sad, and I felt the guilt and pain of each character, while they battled with themselves and the life changing decisions that had to be made. In the end, nothing can come between true love.

*ARC provided by the author for an honest review* Thanks!! so much ND. You Rock!!

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