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Ricochet #1,2 & 3 by Heather C. Leigh *REVIEW OF ALL 3 BOOKS*

Titles: Ricochet
Locked and Loaded (Ricochet, #1)
 Friendly Fire (Ricochet, #2)
 Extraction Point (Ricochet, #3)
Author: Heather C. Leigh
Released March 29, 2015
Rick "Ricochet" Brennan served eight years as an elite Marine special ops Force Recon soldier. After an injury, and the terrible memories from that night, he retires and goes to work for his former Command Officer, Howard "Mack" McEvoy, at his training center in Atlanta. Sanctum MMA appears on the surface to be a normal gym, training elite fighters to be the best. Except each trainer, hand-picked by Mack, possesses a special background that allows Mack to run one of the best-kept secrets in the country.
When twenty-four year old Quinn Wallace finally escapes her abusive husband, she turns to her father’s old Marine Corps buddy, Mack, for help. Broken and skittish, Quinn finds herself surrounded by large, intimidating men— men who could easily overpower her. She avoids them the best she can, but when Rick turns out to be more than just a rough fighter with bruised knuckles, she finds herself wondering if she can allow herself to trust again. Ricochet is a full-length novel to be released as three parts.
***This book contains hot sweaty men, sexy scenes for those over 18, and uncomfortable, sometimes violent scenes.***  
Feeling ridiculous, Quinn ducked her head, turned, and practically ran down the hall to the break room. She shut the door behind her and sagged into it, leaning her forehead against the hard surface. “Shit,” she whispered to herself. “You do that a lot.” “Oh my God!” Quinn spun around to see the man with the striking aquamarine eyes, staring at her from his seat at the break room table. She choked, which made her cough, making it difficult to catch her breath. Rick, his name is Rick. The dark haired Adonis reclined in his chair, hands clasped behind his head as he smirked at Quinn. “You okay there?” She nodded, still unable to speak. “You scare too easily, doll.” “What?” Quinn rasped as she dug her fingernails into her palms to stop her hands from trembling. She was still recovering from surprise he gave her, otherwise she would have scolded him for the doll comment... maybe. If she weren’t so frightened of the man. “Every time I see you, you’re cursing under your breath.” Rick lifted an enormous bottle of water to his mouth and chugged down a third of it, never taking his sharp gaze off of Quinn’s. She noticed the large hand he had wrapped around the drink, knuckles scarred and bruised from fighting. That’s what all of these men did for a living, they fought or trained other men to fight. Those hands could hit… hard. Danger! Her mind told her again. Quinn’s heart was racing frantically, feeling as if it may explode in her chest. She shivered in response, but not from the fear she should be feeling from being so close to such a dangerous man. No, Quinn shivered because he was so damn hot she couldn’t stop imagining those large, rough hands running all over her skin. The way his lips surrounded the bottle and his throat working to swallow… she felt it in a way that made her uncomfortable. The fear mingling with desire had her flat-out confused. Quinn unintentionally let her eyes roam over his broad chest, which was covered by only a thin, tight T-shirt that had the sleeves cut off and was damp with sweat. His sinewy arms were on full display, each muscle cut perfectly. The only mark on his beautiful tan skin was a black tattoo of a skull inside a circle with wings coming off of it and a knife or weapon behind. For a minute, she thought she recognized the tattoo, but she wasn’t close enough to know for sure. I would love to lick that tattoo. Oh my god, where did that come from? Feeling her neck and cheeks flame up from her deviant thoughts, Quinn quickly gathered herself, remembering that this cocky man was poking fun at her. Dangerous or not, that made her mad. She narrowed her eyes at his annoyingly gorgeous face. “Well, you like to sneak up on people. It’s not nice. And, I’m not your doll.” She crossed her arms over her chest, trying to look confident when all she really wanted to do was run out of here and hide, or maybe run across the room and straddle his lap. She was equally torn between the two. So what did she do? Nothing. Her feet were rooted to the spot. “Sneak up on people? You came in here, remember?” Rick pushed his chair back and got to his feet in one surprisingly nimble move for such a big man. Quinn swallowed when she got a good look at how tall he was, having to tilt her head back to see his face. The last time they spoke, she had been sitting while he leaned over her desk, his muscular body hidden behind the half wall that separated her from the lobby. Now that they were both standing, she could see that he was much, much taller than her petite five foot four inch frame. Her subconscious kept screaming at her. Danger! Quinn instinctively backed up, not stopping until she felt the kitchenette’s countertop dig into her lower back. Rick continued forward, only halting when there were just inches separating his large body from hers. He put his hands on the cabinets behind her, one on either side of her head caging her in. A small whimper fell from her lips and her breath stuttered. Quinn balled up her hands, running a fingertip over the ridge on her right palm. She shuddered from the thought of that scar, but when she remembered how she got it, she felt somewhat stronger. It was her badge of courage. “And,” he said, close enough that she could smell him, a faint mixture of aftershave and sweat. It was potent enough to make her bite her lip so she wouldn’t try to lick his neck or bury her face in his chest and inhale that masculine scent. “Lots of people think I’m nice… doll.” Then he smirked. Quinn’s mouth fell open at his arrogance. Jerk! Attraction or not, frightened or not, his slick overconfidence grated on her nerves. Braver than she’d felt for the first time in a long time, Quinn smiled at the egotistical man with the hypnotizing eyes. She refused to be another one of Rick’s groupies, and she was quite sure he had plenty of them falling for his easy charm and rugged perfection. “Yeah, well, those people that think you’re nice? I’m not one of them.” Trembling, she ducked under Rick’s arm, unable to keep herself from noticing how hard his abs were as she nudged by. Pretending to be fearless, Quinn snatched her purse out of her locker, and left without saying another word.


Ricochet: Locked & Loaded (Ricochet, #1)

Releasing April 5, 2015
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Releasing April 12, 2015
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About the Author
11066069_1585945284950725_8655614541786688485_n I grew up in New England and currently live outside Atlanta, GA with my husband, two kids, a French Bulldog and a pug. I'm a full-time procrastinator and a part-time everything else. I love the Red Sox, chocolate, and traveling. When I'm not writing, I'm dealing drugs legally as a pharmacist.  

  love p

Book 1

5 'Doll' Stars

Ricochet is a short and sexy novella that's fast paced and thrilling all in one. It keeps you wanting to turn the pages faster than normal, devouring each written word and loving the images rolling through your mind's eye. This is only the beginning, Part 1 in this series.

Quinn Wallace has been on the run for a year. Running from an abusive husband, Quinn seeks help from her father's best friend and former Marine buddy. Married for three years and secluded and abused during those years, Quinn feels a sense of pride at having some independence and securing a job. Receptionist to a Mixed Martial Arts Gym, Quinn quickly learns the ropes and falls into uneasy companionship with most the members of the gym. On her first day at the gym, a frazzled Quinn meets Rick 'Ricochet' Brennan. A blue eyed muscled God, whose over confidence and soon to be seen sweet demeanor quickly draws her in. 

Rick 'Ricochet' Brennan former Marine Corps. turned special ops mercenary and working at the MMA gym as a guise when not on a mission, is known for his 'hit em and leave em' lifestyle. Having no one to care for but himself, Rick uses his charm and brawn to draw the ladies in. Ricochet......... as his friends and Marine buddies call him. Because he always leaves before the women awake. Meeting Quinn, Rick quickly notices that she always keeps herself at a physical distance, soft spoken and skittish. She's broken, and it aches and infuriates him to know that someone abused this sweet woman. This woman that ceases his numb existence. She makes him feel.

Always carrying around the fear of being caught by her husband, Quinn continues to distance herself from the womanizing Ricochet. Especially after finding out what his nickname stands for. Slowly and cautiously Rick attempts to interact with Quinn by making small and sweet gestures that he knows she can't pass up. Quinn soon realizes that Rick may be bigger and stronger than her and could physically hurt her, but he wouldn't ever hurt a hair on her head.

Sigghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................ that's all I have to say. I am sad that I have to wait for the second instalment. Heather C. Leigh amazed me at how well-developed her characters were in such a short novella. She created a strong heroine that continues to struggle with her past, while at the same time Quinn remained steadfast in her plight to become independent.

*Heather C. Leigh gave me permission to use her Marine Recon Image (skull image) as part of my graphics.* Thanks so much.


Book 2 
3.5 Stars

Ricochet: Locked and Loaded (Ricochet, #1) ended with a cliffy, where Quinn left Rick in bed, after a mind blowing night of passion, in fear and also deciding to handle her past before she can have a present and future.

Quinn is taking her life back. Clearing out her father’s estate and making chances in her life, Quinn is more than ready to file for divorce and to try and make a life she always wanted. Putting all of her fears and her past behind her, Quinn moves forward with a new attitude. Her first order of business is to repair the broken friendship between Rick and herself.

Still hurt over Quinn’s betrayal, Rick decides to treat her as the asshole player he’s nicknamed for. Emotionless and only useful for a good time.

As they both attempt to mend the broken friendship, Rick is still in anguish and has an emotional and mental battle warring. Should he easily forgive Quinn and allow another woman to hurt him, or should he give in and try again? Quinn wants nothing more than to be with Rick, He has shown her an intensity that she has never encountered before, the feel of normalcy, yet she is fearful of accepting his pity over her abusive past with her husband.

Friendly Fire is all about  the decisions that both characters war with on their path to forgiveness.

On to book 3.


Book 3
4 Stars

All these cliffies would have given me whiplash, but I loved that I was bestowed with both the 2nd and 3rd instalment. So it wasn't much of a whiplash at all. So book 2 was my least favourite in this series. Book 3 gave me some redemption over my feelings for book 2.

Quinn and Rick have repaired their relationship, yet Quinn still can not fully succumb to her emotions and let Rick in. She refuses to reveal her past and the truth of her husband. She moves forward with a divorce. After a passionate night, their friendship has been repaired and they are now in a relationship. Leaving Rick to head to her lawyer's office, Quinn is kidnapped by her psycho husband.

Rick's emotions are all over the place. He can't believe he let Quinn leave, even though she needed to run an errand, his protective instincts are on high alert.

Finding out that Quinn is married, and that she has been abused for that last year and a half, sends Rick into a vicious frenzy. Even more so,  she has been kidnapped and sixteen hours has passed and Rick and his team are no closer to finding her. Rick's mental and emotional fortitude is shot to hell and he can not contain the rage within him. His military buddies are feeling the aftermath of his impatience over not having any information pertaining to Quinn's whereabouts. Along with his own feelings- he didn't protect her, he let her down.

Captured and beaten, Quinn has been handcuffed to her childhood bed, while her husband, Travis taunts her. Hidden in plain sight, this sick, abusive and sadistic man, is even crazier than before. Quinn escaped months ago and filing for divorce was her last straw at moving on and getting away. Choosing to have a life she always wanted over the life she was given. Travis used this as an opportunity to capture Quinn. For months she eluded him. Finally getting her back, he can torture and punish her for her insolence.

Looking at Travis, Quinn knew she did some physical damage to his handsome face when she escaped, but staring into the eyes of a monster, even her wildest fantasies could not dream up the man in front of her now.

Quinn found the strength those many months ago and fought for her survival and escaped. Refusing to be Annie Hardy any longer.

Unwilling faced with the same situation those months ago, Quinn is stronger than ever and she refuses to go down without a fight. Quinn knows that she never mentioned her past to Rick, and by the time anyone figures out what happened, she may be gone already. But that doesn't mean she is going to be the weak submissive Annie. She is a fighter.


I’m not broken yet, you asshole. You may have me, but you don’t own me

This was a great conclusion to the Ricochet series and I am looking forward to reading more from Heather C. Leigh. The family that Mack created among these men was extraordinary, along with being the new father figure to Quinn. Mack played an exceptional role. Quinn's character remained strong and resilient in her quest to overcome her past. Rick remained true to himself, by being the overbearing, cocky alpha male he is.

*ARC provided by Love Between the Sheets on behalf of the author for an honest review* Thanks!! 

Always You by Stephanie Rose

AW banner
Title: Always You
Author: Stephanie Rose
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 26, 2015
To Samantha Christensen, Lucas Hunter was always the guy—the sexy, smart and unattainable man she pined for throughout college. To Lucas, she was a treasured friend, a younger sister he felt the need to protect. She had a choice—to wait and hope, or to settle. When they meet again years later, Lucas looks at Samantha and sees a woman he wants—even though she’s not free to take. As they renew their friendship he finds he’s falling hard, and can’t accept any less than all of her. Samantha realizes there’s hope with Lucas. Will she finally have a chance to be happy with the man she’s always loved, or will obligations and insecurities stand in their way? Can Samantha and Lucas convince each other that they belong together? That it was Always You?
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Always You Cover

“Shit, Sam! Baby Girl, are you okay?” God, please no. Calling me Baby Girl now was like sticking a knife directly into my already broken heart. Lucas lifted me off the ground to help me stand. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head. I always loved when he did that, but now it hurt like hell. It was torturous, but I let myself feel him one last time. I wanted to remember the way he smelled, how his arms felt like home—but he wasn’t my home anymore, and it killed me to know that. I pushed out of his hold and looked at his face. His beautiful face. His blue eyes were still glassy, but they were red now. I didn’t want to believe what I saw. I wanted to look at the unshed tears growing in Lucas’s eyes and think it meant he really loved me, and he would never ever hurt me. I saw an empty cab coming up the block and raised my arm to hail it. I must’ve fallen hard as blood trickled down my wrist when I held my hand up. The cab slowed to a stop and I headed to the curb where it waited. I willed myself to stop crying at least until I got inside. Lucas grabbed my arm again, shaking his head. “You can’t leave like this.” His voice was cracking. “I need you, I love you. You know me, Sam.” I shook my head sadly. “No. No, I don’t.

About The Author
Stephanie author pic
Stephanie lives in the Bronx, New York with her superhero-obsessed husband and son. Her day job is marketing, but she always has a story in her head. This lifelong New Yorker lives for Starbucks, book boyfriends, and 80s rock After spending most of her youth watching soaps, Stephanie has an obsession with angsty drama and hot romance. She's excited to finally bring the characters she's been dreaming about to life!
   Alone – Heart
See You Again – Carrie Underwood
Still Into You – Paramore
(You Want To) Make A Memory – Bon Jovi
Come To Me – The Goo Goo Dolls
Run – feat. Sugarland – Matt Nathanson
Beneath Your Beautiful – Labrinth
Lonely Tonight (featuring Ashley Monroe) – Blake Shelton
Colorblind – Counting Crows
Make You Feel My Love – Adele
Stay – Rihanna
Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye
Start of Something Good – Daughtry
I Touch Myself – Divinyls
Hanging By A Moment – Lifehouse
It Was Always You – Maroon 5
Superman Tonight – Bon Jovi
Endlessly – Green River Ordinance
Love Someone – Jason Mraz
Almost Is Never Enough – Ariana Grande
Say Something – A Great Big World, Christina Agullera
Without You – Max
I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz
Sorry – Buckcherry
All I Wanted – Paramore
Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran
All In – Lifehouse
By Your Side – Tenth Avenue North
Turning Page – Sleeping At Last
Marry Me – Jason Derulo
You & I (Nobody In The World) – John Legend
A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

AY Full cover
love 2

4.5 Stars

A wonderfully engaging debut novel from Stephanie Rose that will pull at your heart strings and leave you in awe, of the power of love.

Sexy and meek, Samantha O'Rourke has had a crush on her best friend's cousin, Lucas Hunter, forever. Lusting after him throughout college was heartbreaking. Samantha's never had the courage to tell Lucas about her feelings. Lucas is now moving to California for a job and Samantha will never get the chance to express herself to Lucas. Leaving well enough alone, Samantha moves on but never lets go.

More than ten years later, Lucas returns to NY because of another job and he connects with Samantha. Samantha was always beautiful to Lucas. She is the girl that got away. The girl that would have wanted more, at a time when Lucas wanted to live life and wasn't ready for commitment. Returning home, Lucas is amazed at the sexy and meek young girl that has grown into a sassy, full of confidence woman.  Even though Samantha is married with a cute little daughter, Bella, Lucas can't stop the feelings and raw emotions that overcome him when he is around her. 

“I know I’m not supposed to think about you all day long. I know I’m not supposed to want to talk to you every minute of the day, or touch you, or kiss you. But, fuck—” 

As Lucas and Samantha rekindle the easy going friendship they had in college, months fly by and they build a friendship that becomes unbreakable and a slow burning desire that is quickly becoming an inferno. 

Samantha Christensen is leading an unhappy life. Her husband is a miserable fool, that thinks his wife and daughter are inconveniences to his "young boy" party lifestyle. Bella was introverted because her father always yelled at her and never had time for her. Always making it seem as if Bella was a problem. She didn't have a relationship with her father. When Lucas came into her life, gradually she became a boisterous little girl full of life and energy. Happy and delighted about every thing. Bella also took a piece of Lucas's heart. 

As Samantha and Marc's marriage comes to an end, there is a clusterfuck of drama that ensures. Both Lucas and Samantha try their best to handle the situations as best as they can. It was such a very realistic story, the turmoil of an unhappy marriage and custody battle. Lucas was there every step of the way. Giving support and showing his undying and unwavering love for both Sam and especially, Bella. Lucas became both Sam and Bella's superhero. He saved them.

"Superheroes need a girl they can  save, so she can save them right back."

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Pretty Pink Ribbons (A Touch of Fate #2) by K.L. Grayson

PPR Tour Banner

Title: Pretty Pink Ribbons
Author: K.L. Grayson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 24, 2015



Dying . . . 
Dead . . . 
Deceased . . .

It doesn’t matter how many times I say it or how many different names I give it, it still means the same thing. One of these days I’ll be nothing but a passing memory, a familiar face in a forgotten photo. But there's three things I need before this life of mine ends . . . I need to tell him I love him more than life itself. I need to feel the strength of his arms wrapped around me just one more night. Most of all, I need him to forgive me. 

Eight years ago I broke the heart of the only man I’ve ever loved and today I’m moving home in hopes that he’ll let me put it back together. I’m not sure how many breaths I have left, but I’ll use each and every last one fighting for what I destroyed. 

My name is Laney Jacobs and this is my journey.

PPR cover
“I wish it was someone else,” she croaks, swallowing hard. “There are thousands of bad people in the world, but it happened to you.” I watch her eyes fill with tears and then I look away. It’s pathetic of me really; that I’m unable to look my best friend in the face when it’s obvious that she is struggling with this almost as much as I am. But I’ve cried my fair share of tears and although I’m certain my tear ducts have yet to dry up, I don’t want to cry tonight. Somehow I know that if I watch Mia break, then I’ll shatter right along with her. “I’m glad it’s me.” She gasps, startled by my words, and I rush to try and explain. “If it wasn’t me, it would be someone else, and I would never wish this upon someone else. You know that saying that God will only give you what you can handle?” She nods. “Sometimes I tell myself that he just thinks I’m really strong and I can handle it, whereas someone else couldn’t.” “Does that help?” she asks. “Does that make you feel better about it?” “No, but it eases my mind. Sometimes when I’m having a good day, it brings me peace, however temporary it may be. But no, it doesn’t make me feel better.” “Peace,” she whispers, seemingly trying the word on for size. “I want you to have peace.”    

About The Author

K.L. Grayson resides in a small town outside of St. Louis, MO. She is entertained daily by her extraordinary husband, who will forever inspire every good quality she writes in a man. Her entire life rests in the palms of six dirty little hands, and when the day is over and those pint-sized cherubs have been washed and tucked into bed, you can find her typing away furiously on her computer. She has a love for alpha-males, brownies, reading, tattoos, sunglasses, and happy endings…and not particularly in that order.


ppr full

love p

4 stars

K.L. Grayson starts us off with a griping prologue that simply guts you. It starts you with a high, while we as readers know, this is a prelude to utter devastation. K.L. did not disappoint in her story telling. Her writing style flowed and portrayed well depicted images within the readers mind (basically me).

This book is about Laney Jacobs journey, a second chance novel. In as much as it's her journey as the synopsis states, this is also an eye opener to many major themes- strength, loyalty, family, forgiveness and ultimately, love. The perseverance that one resilient woman endeavors upon, while on the path toward forgiveness.

Levi and Laney are young lovers in the town of St.Louis. Laney's dream is to attend the Culinary Institute. However, in order to do so, she must move to California. Away from Levi and away from the love they have.  One romantically planned night, Levi surprises her, and instead of the romantic ending, they both leave in heartbreak and despair. While Levi is confessing his love to Laney for the first time in their relationship, Laney has slowly and painfully ripped his heart out by going after her dreams and moving to California. Choosing a life she always wanted over the love that they have. With a single decision, both Laney and Levi's paths are changed. Eight years later, riddled with guilt and regret, Laney Jacobs returns. Searching for forgiveness, searching for the only person she has ever loved, she seeks out Levi.

Returning home is bittersweet. All the memories- the love and heartache come bearing down upon Laney, yet she remains resilient in her search for forgiveness. Running into Levi while his head chef quits. Laney offers to fill the spot until he can find a new head chef. Amazed that Levi is running his own business, and has surpassed the young boy she once knew, she is now looking into the eyes of a gorgeous, sexy, man. Albeit, an extremely angry, sexy man.

Levi has had his heart ripped out by one woman when he was young. His mother left his younger brother, him and his father when they were small. Leaving them, Levi didn't know how not to love. When he found his one true love, Laney, and she cheated him out of being loved, he toughened his heart and stilled his emotions into meaningless encounters that never quenched his thirst. Over the years he has followed Laney's career on-line and as proud of her accomplishments as he is, he will never forget the pain she inflicted upon his fragile heart.

Agreeing to Laney's help, he isn't sure if this is a good idea. Levi is flustered. Laney! His Laney is back, but she hasn't been his in eight years. Yet, the feeling of comfort and love come crashing to the surface as he tries to remain as impassive as possible. I loved the way Levi got angry when he first encountered Laney. It was extremely well put together and I felt Levi's anger and pain.

As much as Laney's goal is forgiveness, she is also hiding a crushing secret, one that she refuses to expose until she can make Levi fall in love with her again. She doesn't want to reveal her secret to him out of fear he will pity her.

Levi soon starts to carefully open himself up to Laney, yet still trying to keep a small part hidden away. His fear of betrayal is alive and fearful within him. He can not handle another heartbreak by Laney. This time, he will be destroyed.

They both fall into an easy going friendship and start going out together. Little things that means the entire world to Laney - a small smile, a silly comment, making her favourite dish- it all brings them closer to each other. While fighting for Levi, Laney's other battle is internally tearing her apart. Her body is shutting down and her physical strength is slowly being drained. Laney is putting on a brave face for Levi, because she still hasn't revealed her devastating secret.

Falling in love with Levi all over again is crushing Laney. Knowing that she will have to hurt him, she focuses on all the good things they both have going for them. Spending time together and simply building their relationship while waiting for the unknown  to occur.

"Levi, I love you. I loved you then, I've loved you every single second of every single day for the past eight years and I'm going to love you until the day I die."

I wished the ending turned out differently. 
This could have been such a good basis for other books to follow.

*ARC provided by Between the Sheets Promotions on behalf of the author for an honest review* Thanks!

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Killer by Clarissa Wild *COVER REVEAL*

Title: Killer (Prequel to Stalker)
Author: Clarissa Wild
Publication Date: May 26th, 2015
 (in the Summer Fire Boxed Set)
Genre: Dark Romance (18+)

This is a prequel to the Dark Romance Standalone STALKER.

Some secrets are meant to stay hidden …

Secrets could kill you. My husband is the prime example.

I’m a trophy wife. Someone’s prized possession, just there to be pretty. My dreams were pushed aside for his. Until one fateful night, one chance encounter, all his dirty secrets were exposed.
And then my supposed husband is killed.

I should be sad, but all I feel is anger. My husband is a lying, cheating bastard. And if that isn’t bad enough, I’m now the prime suspect for his murder.

Only his brother believes I'm innocent, and in his support, I find relief. However, I will find the real killer and bring him to justice ... before he tries to end my life too.

WARNING: This book contains strong language, explicit situations, and disturbing content.

Included in the Summer Fire Boxed Set
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Clarissa Wild is the USA Today Bestselling author of FIERCE, a college romance series, but she's best known for the dark Romance novel Mr. X. She is also a writer of erotic romance such as the Blissful Series, The Billionaire's Bet series, the Doing It Series and the Enflamed Series. She is an avid reader and writer of sexy stories about hot men and feisty women. Her other loves include her furry cat friend and learning about different cultures. In her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, reading tons of books and cooking her favorite meals.

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