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Screwed by Kendall Ryan *CHAPTER REVEAL*

We are very excited for this brand new standalone from Kendall Ryan. 

Releasing on September 15 we get a peek at a sexy romantic comedy from the NYT Bestselling author. 

I have one rule: Don’t shit where you eat.

Several of the women in the condo complex I own would love some one-on-one playtime, and why wouldn’t they? I’m young, fit, attractive, and loaded. Not to mention I’m packing a sizable bulge below the belt. It’s a combination that drops panties on a regular basis. 

Yay, me, right?

But my cock, troublemaker that he is, has been confined to my trousers by my business partner. A concession I agreed to, and one that’s never been hard to enforce until Emery moves in across the hall. She’s smart, young, determined, and sexy as hell. I want a taste. I won’t stop until I’m buried deep inside the succulent new-in-town brunette.

After being warned about my past, she does her best to steer clear, but I’m about to show her that underneath it all, I’m a guy with a heart of gold and a cock of steel.

My name is Hayden Oliver, and this is my story.

SCREWED is standalone romantic comedy by New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Kendall Ryan.

Chapter One

Goddamn. This is going to be harder than I thought.
My eyes swing over to admire the most perfect pear-shaped ass I’ve ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on while my business partner Hudson continues lecturing me. I think it’s something important, but there’s nothing more urgent than my body’s reaction to this shapely brunette. Jesus. Those tits are definitely real.
“I mean it. Your cock is cut off this time,” Hudson says roughly, his tone biting.
Tearing my gaze away from the succulent new brunette moving into unit 4B, I face him. “Not literally cut off. I’m sort of attached to him. You realize that, right?”
“Well it’s on lock down then. No more of this bullshit. I had three calls this week alone from hysterical women – our tenants – who you, how do I put this delicately? You fucked and then left before their pussies were even dry.”
I smirk at him, but I can’t deny the accusation. We’re like the real life Melrose Place. Sexy young twenty-somethings all living in close proximity. There’s bound to be a little drama now and again. Together, Hudson and I own thirty buildings in the greater Los Angeles area. And some of our buildings have very fuckable tenants. Up until this point, I’d considered that a nice bonus, and a perk of the job. Hudson has apparently viewed it differently.
“Who’s that?” I ask, tipping my head toward the bombshell who’s responsible for all the blood rushing to my groin. Fuck. I should have a word with her about that, that’s not cool.
Hudson’s eyes swing to the left to see what, or rather, who has captured my attention. And who’s given me this semi-chub, which I hope he hasn’t noticed. We’re close, but we’re not that close.
“No, no, no. Don’t get any ideas. You’re not tagging that.”
She’s not close enough to overhear us, but I shoot him a scowl anyway. “Show some class, man. Tagging is such a juvenile word. I’d take my time, get her hot and ready first, until she was begging for me to fill her tight, little cunt.”
“I’m fucking serious. You’re not to even think about her tight cunt.”
“So you acknowledge she’s got a tight cunt?” I smile, proud of myself.
He wipes sweat from his brow, looking worried. “Hayden, I’m serious this time.” His voice has taken on a somber tone, and for once, I try to be serious and focus.
Watching the way the vein throbs in his neck, my smile fades. We’re standing outside of one of our nicest buildings just outside of downtown, and the mid-afternoon sun is beating down on us. Suddenly I want to get away from him, and away from this entire conversation and into the cool air conditioning inside. Shit has gotten a little too real for me.
“You know me,” I grin at him, trying to lighten the mood. “I just wanted to have some casual fun.” And if that meant sleeping my way through the LA singles scene, so be it. I’m not looking for something deeper. I have a luxury condo in the heart of the Hollywood Hills, drive a new model BMW and possess a nine-inch cock. Translation: Life is good. Or it was, until Hudson decided to get a bug up his ass and lay down the law today.
“Did you hear a word I just said? One of your latest conquests threatened to report our company to the Better Business Bureau for unethical business practices. This isn’t just about you. This affects me too. And I’ll be damned if I watch everything we’ve built go down in flames because you can’t keep your dick in your pants.”
“Point taken.” Hudson is pretty much the best friend, and best business partner you could ask for. He’s smart as hell, dedicated, works like a dog day and night. And not to mention when we began our real estate investment company five years ago, he single-handedly fronted all the start-up capital from his own savings and trust fund. It took me years to pay him back as the profits rolled in, and he never once made me feel lesser, or like I was in debt to him. Not to mention, he’s funny, well-off, and good looking. He’s an excellent wing-man. Plus he knows the best taco joints.
Unable to help myself, my eyes drift over to her again. 4B fills out a pair of yoga pants in ways that I doubt are even legal in most countries. I needed to know what was underneath those curve-hugging black athletic pants. Simple cotton panties, or a naughty g-string? Either way, I wanted to bury my fingers inside the waistband of those pants, peel them down her hips and find out. Perhaps it was because Hudson just made her forbidden fruit, but I wanted a taste. My damn mouth was practically watering.
She looked smart, and put together, despite her casual attire, including a tank top and tennis shoes. With a clipboard in one hand, and her trusty number two pencil in the other, she ticked items off of her list, and instructed the movers who were unloading and carrying boxes up to her new place – which just so happened to be directly underneath mine.
“You’re not going to last three minutes let alone three days.” Hudson grimaces, glancing over again at our newest resident.
“What do you know about her?”
He rolls his eyes, but humors me. “Emery Elaine Winters. She’s an attorney. Excellent references. Even better credit score, and she signed a one year lease. And she’s to remain in pristine condition, or so help me God …”
When I glance up at her again, I see Roxy, another of our residents has joined Emery on the sidewalk, and they appear to be making small talk. Shaking hands, exchanging words, and smiling at each other. There’s something I strongly dislike about these two women talking. Roxy is an exotic dancer, and she I have a bit of a rocky past. Which is a huge fucking understatement, but not something I care to dwell on now. Hudson mentions something about fourth quarter taxes, and I tune him out, sure I just heard my name on Roxy’s over-glossed lips.
“Excuse me, I’ve got business to attend to.” I step around him, heading straight toward my new prize. Roxy spots me, and takes off for the parking area.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Hudson calls after me.
“Just being neighborly. Someone’s got to properly welcome Miss Winters.”
“Dammit, Hayden,” I hear him shout.
“I’ve got this, buddy,” I shout back over my shoulder.
I can control myself around her. I have to, according to Hudson. I don’t like being told what to do, especially where my cock was concerned, and hell, it’ll probably only make me want her more, but as I close the distance between Emery and me, I make a plan.
I would become friends with the so-hot-I-wanted-to-bend-her-over-and-fuck-her-in-broad-daylight new girl.  
This was either the best plan I’d ever had, or would end with me sporting a black eye, courtesy of my best friend.
It’s go time.

Kendall Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance novels, including Hard to Love, Unravel Me, Resisting Her and When I Break.

She's a sassy, yet polite Midwestern girl with a deep love of books, and a slight addiction to lipgloss. She lives in Minneapolis with her adorable husband and two baby sons, and enjoys hiking, being active, and reading.
Visit her at:  for the latest book news, and fun extras

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Lukas by Carian Cole *Release Day & Giveaway*

It's release day for Carian Cole's Lukas!
Be sure to grab your copy and to check out al the fantastic release day fun!!

Lukas RDL


Lukas Synopsis:
Storm’s younger cousin. Vandal’s little brother. You’ve met him in the background. The sweet one. The nice one. The one they can all rely on. The good one. He’s a tattoo artist. He plays metal and classical music - on the violin. He’s got a body built for sin. He’s 24. In comes Ivy. She’s a 36 year old single mom who hasn’t dated in 18 years. All she wanted was a tattoo. She got a helluva lot more :) Being good has never been so bad.   
  Amazon| Kobo 

Vandal, book 2 in ASHES AND EMBERS 

Storm, book 1 in ASHES AND EMBERS 

Exclusive Excerpt:
 He leans his head down closer to mine. “You looking at me like that, and saying my name like that, just makes me want to kiss you even more.” I swallow hard, unable to tear my eyes away from his. “You really shouldn’t be saying things like that,” I breathe, my voice quivering. He’s got my nerves in overdrive. Hell, who am I kidding? He’s got my entire mind and body in overdrive right now. He moves his hand to cup the side of my face. “Close your eyes, Ivy. Let’s make our wishes at the same time.” Lukas is a wizard, and I’ve quickly fallen under his spell. My eyes flutter closed, and his lips touch mine, so softly that we are barely touching at all, but it’s enough to make me see even more shooting stars, this time behind closed eyes, in that place where magic happens. His kiss is completely unexpected but way too perfect to break away from. I drop my bag to the ground and bring my hands up to rest on his shoulders. He kisses me a little harder, his tongue gently touching my lips, silently asking permission for more. Parting my lips, I let him kiss me deeper, his tongue slowly meeting mine, caressing in enticing circles. The feel of his tongue piercing and lip ring is so strange to me, yet incredibly erotic. I think I like it. His hand goes to my hip, pulling my body possessively but gently against him, as his kisses grow more passionate and urgent. My legs begin to shake with timid desire, my hands squeezing his muscled shoulders, hanging on to him in this sudden dizzying realm he’s led me into. Did a first kiss ever feel like this before? Has any kiss ever felt like this before? No. Not for me. Not ever. He oozes skilled sensuality; every touch, every breath, every kiss is measured in perfect timing and depth. This is not an awkward, clumsy, rushed and horny boy touching me for kicks. Not by a long shot. He’s savoring everything. And I don’t want him to stop. Grasping my waist with both hands, he effortlessly lifts me up onto the hood of my car, bringing me closer to eye level with him. He moves between my parted legs, guides my thighs around his jean-clad hips, and covers my mouth with his again, kissing me long, deep, and tantalizingly slow as he gently holds my face in his hands. It’s the kind of kiss that brands complete want and ownership. He leaves no doubt that he wants me. The logical part of me is telling me to stop him, but the lonely, aching part of me takes over, and I slide my hands up his chest and over his shoulders to clasp behind his neck. My fingers tangle in his long silky hair, and I love how new and different it feels. Everything about him is so different, like tasting an exotic food for the first time that quickly leads to crazy indulgence. That magnetic pull I felt the first time I laid eyes on him is a force to be reckoned with right now. It’s controlling me, taking over every part of me, squashing my fears and reservations, and paving a very clear path that leads directly to this man. I cannot even begin to understand or make the tiniest bit of sense of this attraction. But it’s there, and it’s stronger than anything I’ve ever felt in my life. Suddenly, he stops kissing me, his lips just a whisper away from mine, and stares into my eyes for a few moments, before letting his dark eyes slowly close as he pulls me closer against his body, his hard cock pressing against me through our clothes, sending a hot surge of raw desire through me. What I glimpsed in his eyes shook me even more than his kiss. All feelings that carry the ability to give immense pleasure and pain. Neither of which I am ready for. I slowly try to pull myself away from him, but he holds me close against him. “Wow,” I say breathlessly, leaning my head against his shoulder. “Come upstairs with me, and let’s see if we can upgrade that to a holy shit,” he whispers, his hand resting on the back of my neck, gently squeezing.

  Carian Cole Bio

I have a passion for the bad boys, those covered in tattoos, sexy smirks, ripped jeans, fast cars, motorcycles and of course, the sweet girls that try to tame them and win their hearts. My debut series, Ashes & Embers, follows the lives of rock band members as they find, and sometimes lose, the loves of their lives. My first novel in the Ashes & Embers series, Storm, published on September of 2014. Vandal, the second novel in this series is publishing in February of 2015. I currently have approximately nine books slated for this series, as well as an MC series in the works, and a few stand-alones coming in 2015 onward. Born and raised a Jersey girl, I now reside in beautiful New Hampshire with my husband and our multitude of furry pets and spend most of my time writing, reading, and vacuuming.

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Raber Wolf Pack: Book Two (Raber Wolf Pack) by Ryan Michele

Title: Raber Wolf Pack: Book Two
Series: Raber Wolf Pack
Author: Ryan Michele
Genre: PNR/Shifter
Release Date: July 27, 2015

"There will come a time in our world when greed, power and wealth will overrule good judgement, and packs will be destroyed."

In the blink of an eye, everything can change, altering life as we know it forever.

Kenly’s intuition told her not to go, but she didn’t listen.

Being human, Kenly never had contact with the wolves that lived in Lakeside. One night changes that in a horrific way, opening her eyes to all of the secrets hidden from her over the years.

One night opens doors she never realized existed, transforming her entire world.
As Beta of the Raber Wolf Pack, Max is always in control, until one mission leads him to a bleeding woman in an alley.

Max instantly scents Kenly as his mate, creating tension within the pack and unleashing consequences that he doesn’t how to contain.

Will Max be able to pull her through the upcoming events? If Kenly survives, will she return to her human life and leave Max behind?

Ryan Michele has a huge obsession with reading, which only came to life after her best friend said she had to read Twilight. After reading that series, her entire world changed in the blink of an eye. Not only was she sucked into new worlds and all of the wonderful words authors put down on paper, she felt the urge to begin to write down the characters that played inside of her head. In doing so, Safe was born. When she’s not reading or writing, she spends time taking care of her two children and her husband, enjoying the outdoors and laying in the sun.


4 Stars

After being viciously attacked by a pack of wolves, and saved from this brutal assault. Kenly is thrust into a world of mystical beings. A world where her saviour claims to be her mate, where witches and wizardry runs in her blood, and where the greater good of mankind rests on the shoulders of this young and oblivious girl.

Kenly's attack, brings her to the Raber Wolf Pack, where she meets her mate Max, the second in command, and a mighty intimidating man, and wolf. Sexy as hell, tatted and oh so scrumptious. Being a human amongst wolves, makes it extremely difficult for Kenly to come to terms with her current situation. Because of her attack, wolf saliva has entered Kenly's system and she is quickly changing. Becoming a wolf, is scary and unbelievable for Kenly. It's even more difficult for her to understand having these strange feelings towards Max.

On the flip side, we have Max, Kenly's mate, who is terrified that she will not overcome the intensity of the change. If a pair loses a mate, then, they will either die, or go rouge and have to be killed. His fear and concern over her well being is enraging and disconcerting all at once.

I loved the flip in Max's emotions, I felt that he truly encompassed the characteristics of a mate. Angry and happy, turned on and forceful, his vulnerability over Kenly's undetermined situation was refreshing. Kenly, was a little different for me in this series, I didn't expect a human to be turned wolf. So whilst, I understand all her concerns and her own vulnerabilities, I felt she acted a bit immature and childish. Maybe, in hindsight it was necessary, however, it simply didn't sit well with me. Kenly however, redeemed herself, by proving to be a kickass mate and lead character, by gaining strength and confidence to stand up to her family.

I absolutely adored the change in the story, by adding a new mystical touch to the storyline. The has definitely changed the dynamics of the entire story and I cannot wait to see it to the end. Ryan Michele simply keeps amazing me and engrossing me with her stories.

With the story progressing we're piecing together how, Zara (from book 1) and Kenly are entwined, because of their grandmothers, and the powers they both possess, will be life changing for the pack.  Soon a larger piece of the plot will be divulged with book 3 approaching.

*ARC provided by Enticing Journey Book Promotions on behalf of the author for an honest review* Thanks!

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Our Sins (The Angel Trilogy, #3) by Kimberly Blalock

✦★✦★✦ 99c PRE-ORDER & Giveaway ✦★✦★✦
Our Sins (The Angel Trilogy, #3) by Kimberly Blalock

Get ready for the explosive conclusion to Evan & Abby's love story!!
RELEASING OCT 18th 2015!

Our Sins Synopsis

My name is Abigale Hayes. My story has been brutal thus far, but brutal is nothing I haven’t felt my entire life. I love Evan Young. He’s everything to me. There are monsters waiting, lurking, and ready to pounce. I seriously recommend you’re careful who you choose to trust. I wasn’t. 
I’m Evan Young. I love her, I want to keep her safe and happy. I’m failing on both counts. I’ve chosen to bring her into a life filled with evil. I should let her go, but I can’t, I won’t. She’s mine and I’m hers, end of.
When they come for us I’ll kill them all.
Until oblivion it is …

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Blitz by Michele Faison *COVER REVEAL*

Title: Blitz
Author: Michele Faison
Genre: NA Romance
Release Date: August 25, 2015
Cover Design: Melissa Gill @ MGBookCovers and Designs
Front Cover Photo: iStock image
Back Cover Photo: Mandy Hollis @ MHPhotography

Life doesn't come with a play book. Preston Wade knows that better than most. Now, the former quarterback's career-ending injuries are not the only scars he hides. 

Desiree Evans might be a catch, but she isn't ready to be anyone's trophy. Fresh out of law school, she has big goals and none of them include scoring the affections of Tampa's leading man, on or off the field. But, in more ways than one, his presence in her life could be a game changer. 

Never let them see you sweat and always watch for the BLITZ!

I squeak in surprise as a warm pair of hands snake around my middle and pull me into a hard chest behind. My heartbeat picks up, along with my breathing, as his voice purrs in my ear.

“You’ve been here all of fifteen minutes and you’re already trying to make me jealous.” Hunter chuckles and the mingled smell of men’s soap and sweat enter my nose, a heady combination.
“Actually, I was looking for you out there.” I smile when he spins me around, though my grin instantly fades at the sight before me.
“Is that so? Well, here I am. Do I hold a candle to any of them?” He smirks and my mouth is so parched I cannot form a coherent sentence.
The sight of the players on the field is nothing compared to the virile man standing inches away. Hunter was sex in slacks at Synergy, but seeing his stomach glisten with sweat and witnessing the flex of his biceps underneath the sleeves of his red practice jersey are damn near causing me to detonate. I have never been so close to such raw power and sex before. I run my tongue along my bottom lip as I will my brain to come up with something intelligent to say.
Hunter notices my hesitation and deliberate perusal, gifting me with an appreciative once over of his own. A large hand moves to the hem of his jersey on my body, a thought I suddenly love, as he gently tugs it away from my stomach with dexterous fingers.
“This looks amazing on you. Maybe a little too good for your own safety. I’ve always played offense, Desiree, but seeing you in my fucking number right now, makes me reconsider tackling. You, sweetheart, would be a blitz of epic proportions.”
My mouth parts slightly, his words making me grow needy for a man I have only just met and so help me God, I want. My libido screams, “tackle me!”
“Well, I would say you wear that jersey pretty well yourself, Mr. Griffin,” I respond instead, my brain finally catching up with my body and resuming control.
Hunter nods his obvious approval, though it is clear he knows how amazing he looks without my saying so. I imagine women remind him daily.
“GRIFFIN. QUIT PANTING AND GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE,” a raspy, older male voice yells from below. My cheeks flame as I turn to find an entire team of uniform-clad men staring at our interaction with smug grins and low whistles. My gaze hits the concrete below as I hear most of them laugh in response to my being caught.
Hunter’s forefinger lifts my chin, seeking my eyes as he offers a sincere smile. “That’s my cue, baby doll. Rob will take you upstairs to enjoy the show. This won’t take long. It’s more of a meet-and-greet for the new recruits.” He leans in and places a warm, lingering kiss on my cheek before taking the stairway down, two at a time. I remain rooted in place, enjoying the view of him leaving. Yep, it is every bit as good as his approach.

Michele resides on the outskirts of Raleigh, North Carolina with her two amazing children, Kaylee and Matthew, and her husband Michael, who support her quirky habits and creativity each day. She is a hopeless romantic whose passion for reading and writing first appeared during her husband’s last lengthy deployment. Her debut novel, Ethereal (a military paranormal romance) released in September 2014 with two more books expected to follow in the Guardian Series.