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Hey All,

Welcome! Welcome to Got More Books Blog

My name is Carissa Lee, a short darkie, with a big mouth. It's always going. I'm either eating or talking. No joke. Cuss bird!! literally. So.....

Why not put my words to good and productive use.

Got More Books Blog is very simple: it's all about BOOKZ!!! Why?? Because, I love them!

This is my opportunity to give back to the authors, that write all these amazing and not so amazing books.My reviews are honest- raw and gritty, happy and sad, lame when it needs to be.

Nothing will be held back whilst reviewing. It is either a well written book, or poorly written.

To all those authors who have given me the chance to review their books, thank you!
However, I will not apologize for my negative/bad reviews. Bear in mind the word-SUBJECTIVE.

That's me in a nutshell.

Stop on by and check out my reviews.

Carissa :):):)

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