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How do I (CL) rate books??

Anything over 5 Books: Well hell!!! It was fucking SUPERB. Cheers to the author/s. You chicks and guys can freaking write a book.

5 Books: Fabulously written book. Great plot and story line, well developed characters, superb and clearly understood writing style.

4 Books: Great and enjoyable book. However, it lacked the extra uummmpppphhhh!!!

3 Books: Average to okay-ish read. Nothing different in the story or writing that made the book stand out.

2 Books: Barely finished reading it. With a stroke of good luck, constant attempts and hopping around to other books, I got this book read.

1 Book: Let's not pretend. DNF- DID NOT FINISH. Waste of bloody effing time and effort.


Genres Read: ROMANCE all the way!!

Other genres: Erotica, Historical, Contemporary, Adult, New and Young Adult, Fantasy.

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