Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Bend Me (Absolution #1) by Sophia Scarlet


What would you do if your worst fears came true? If everything you loved was stripped away in one indifferent stroke? Who would you become if you blamed yourself? Who would you turn to for absolution?

When Agnes Bright loses her infant son and her husband files for divorce, she finds herself drowning in sorrow and bitterness, unable to grieve. She seeks an expert to help her explore the sensual world of masochism and test the boundaries of her quiet rage. What she finds sets her on a path of lies, love, and self-discovery. How far can she bend before she breaks?

Successful entrepreneur and experienced Dominant David Lake isn't looking for love. But when he meets an irresistible woman, he doesn't hesitate to show her what it means to be his. When one night with her isn’t enough, David grows hungry for more and determined to claim her in every possible way.

The three book Absolution series is meant to be read in order:

Bend Me: November 3, 2015
Break Me: Early 2016
Bind Me: Coming Soon

Be advised that this novel contains BDSM content, dark elements, and mature subject matter. Due to explicit sexual content and adult language this novel is recommend for readers 18 and older.



Sophia Scarlet is a Maryland native. She lives with her husband, two children, and cat in the woods not far from the Potomac river. When she is not writing or shuttling her children around, you can find her practicing yoga, cooking, or picking seasonal vegetables at the local CSA.



Bend Me tells the tale of a woman's tragedy - the death of her infant son, a shattering of vows and love, and the grief of losing all she once thought possible. 

Agnes Bright had it all, only to lose everything she once wanted and needed in the blink of an eye. Her guilt over the loss of her son lures her towards self punishment. The need to be punished for her contribution to her son's death. After her devastating loss, and living as a shell of a person, Agnes attempts to fill the void in her life, by entertaining Masochism. Using an alias, Eliza Stuart, via the internet she communicates for weeks with Marcus Stone. Getting comfortable until their first meeting.

While waiting for Marcus, a chance encounter at the Grotto with David Lake, leaves her unsettled and yearning for more. This initial scene was hot and sexy as hell. The pages were steaming up.The divine usage of grammar made this scene's portrayal hit all those wanton spots. Creating marvellous and lustful images in my mind.

David Lake is an entrepreneur, looking for a taste of satisfaction to sate his desires. But, when he meets Eliza Stuart, he wants nothing more than to OWN Eliza. The way she owns HIM. David now seeks out Eliza in efforts to turn their first night together into something MORE, while exploring all their sexual desires and removing all her inhibitions.

Sophia Scarlet gave us two doms in this story, each displaying and exploring differing domination techniques, while still creating erotic scenes. Each Dom ensured and evoked such intense orgasms from Eliza, that is was uniquely pleasing to read their first scene together.

This is Eliza's journey to self discovery and redemption. The books ends abruptly, so let's see what book 2 has install for us.

*ARR - Reader's Corner > ARR # 87. - provided on behalf of the author for an honest review*

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