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Killer by Heather C. Leigh *BLOG TOUR, GIVEAWAY*

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Ten years ago, their lives shattered to pieces...
And he's the KILLER that has to live with it.

Two people. One incident.
Interwoven between two damaged souls in ways they don't understand.
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UnthinKable. UnimagInable.  UndeniabLe.  UnforgivabLe.  SalvageablE.  Redeemable.   

Ten years ago, their lives shattered to pieces...
And he's the KILLER that has to live with it.

Two people. One incident. Interwoven between two damaged souls in ways they don't understand.  

But now, they must fight the same war--a past that wrecked them both--destroyed the two people they used to be. With a hurricane of love, hate, anger, fury, and fear, can two broken lives find a way to let it all go for a chance at happiness?   

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Excerpt:  Britt freaks out
Britt and Gabriel are waiting for me in his office so we can start our meeting. After my interaction with Wolfe, I’m seething and frustrated. All I want to do is jump into the cage and beat the fuck out of something, release this shit building up inside. Confusing new emotions like jealousy are dueling with my usual focused, raw fury.
The dark, hollow place in my chest isn’t equipped for this. I fight, I fuck, I exist. Nothing more, nothing less.
Furious, I walk over to Gabriel’s office and shove open the door. It bangs against the wall with a loud crack, causing Gabriel to frown and Britt to cry out. Just like that, she drops to the floor, curling into a ball and covering her head with her hands.
Gabriel leaps to his feet, hurrying around his desk to crouch next to a huddling, quivering Britt. Stunned, I stand at the door frozen, unsure what is going on or what I should do.
Meu filha! Britt! What is happening?” Gabriel’s voice hitches as he tries to pull Britt out from under his desk. His head whips around to face me. “Killer! ¡Venha aqui e ayudar!” (Get over here and help..)
I cross the space in two quick steps, approaching Gabriel’s desk from the opposite side. Britt’s tiny frame is tucked into a tight ball, her knees pulled to her chest, head ducked, and arms curled protectively over her head.
Protecting her from what?
“Britt,” I say in as composed of a voice as I can manage, which at this moment, isn’t saying much. Not a lot freaks me out, but right now, watching Britt fall to pieces, has me struggling to keep calm. “Please, come out.”
Britt is quietly sobbing, her body shuddering in fear. Watching her in such obvious distress sends a stabbing pain through my chest. Not sure this is the best thing for her, but not knowing what else to do, I crawl under the desk. Being as large as I am, I can only get my head and shoulders in next to her.
Gabriel slides into nervous, staccato Portuguese. “I will leave you to take care of her. Let me know when she’s feeling better and I will return.” He stands and leaves the room, gently closing the door behind him.
He left me with her?
What the fuck am I supposed to do? At a loss, I do the only thing that comes to mind. It worked to relax her before, so why not? I gather her tiny, trembling body up in my arms, and hold her. Britt immediately unwinds her arms, clutching me tight, burying her face into my shirt, her tears dampening the fabric.
On the floor in my trainer’s office, lying half under a desk, a tiny shard of my black soul becomes human again.
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About the Author:
Heather C Leigh
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Heather C. Leigh is the author of the Amazon best selling Famous series. She likes to write about the 'dark' side of fame. The part that the public doesn't get to see, how difficult it is to live in a fishbowl and how that affects relationships.

Heather was born and raised in New England and currently lives outside Atlanta, GA with her husband, 2 kids, and French Bulldog, Shelby.

She loves the Red Sox, the Patriots, and anything chocolate (but not white chocolate, everyone knows it's not real chocolate so it doesn't count) and has left explicit instructions in her will to have her ashes snuck into Fenway Park and sneakily sprinkled all over while her family enjoys beer, hot dogs, and a wicked good time.

Stalk Her: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Signed Paperback

5 'Survivor' Stars

Killer is a story about survival. A horrifying tale that we have seen prominently in the news. Heather Leigh has taken these tragedies and made it about the victims. The path they travel to regaining a semblance of their selves. The journey is what matters the most. In Killer, I was able to see two torn and broken individuals, who both thought they had their entire lives ahead of them. However, in an instant, dreams are shattered, bodies are damaged, minds are destroyed and the heart turns black. I can't put my finger on why I loved this story so much. It made me feel. I felt so much pain and grief. The anger was fierce and determined. The hatred was so palpable. With all these emotions unfolding page by page, it became clear, that sometimes, life deals you a crappy hand. And, all you need to do is fight to stay on top. Human beings basic instinct is survival. Keller and Britton, they SURVIVED.

Ten years into the past, an unthinkable tragedy shatters the community and the lives of two young adults. Keller was well on his way to drowning himself in alcohol and ignorance. The ultimate party bad boy. While fourteen year old Britton, was simply lusting after the most popular boy in the school. Neither knew at that moment, both their lives would change forever. Neither realized how close to breaking each other they would get.

Keller and Britt both lived ten years in their own self proclaimed purgatory. Each fighting their own inner demons and those nuances around them. Small reminders of the past; the grief of love and lose. The disappointment of self indulgence and the ultimate toll that had to be paid.

Britton works at an MMA gym, where she is the Physical Therapist, in charge of monitoring the fighters and studying their fighting styles, to ensure there isn't any wrong moves made that could cause harm. Britt lives in constant fear, succumbing to panic attacks and memory lapses. She is skittish and hates when people sneak up on her. She pledged her life to helping others, in lieu of her own devastating past. 

When the gym starts to train, Killer, a new up and coming MMA fighter, with an enigmatic personality, Britt becomes flustered. From the start, Killer and Britt had this sizzling chemistry. It burned the pages a I read.

I was ruined long before Keller Bishop came into my life. The only thing he did was show me I could live a different way. Without fear, without being numb without succumbing to the tidal waves of anxiety.

Killer's undeniable rage coupled with his grief, has turned him into a stone cold, fighting machine. But when he sees Britt for the first time, something inside him melts. He wants to be her protector, his fierce need to keep her safe, and her constant staring at him, slowly breaks down his defences.

Britt is my weakness, my kryptonite.
I don't do angelic. I don't do sweet. And I sure as fuck don't do innocent.

There is an undeniable connection, something I believe in as faith. Thrown together, to help each other heal. It wasn't an easy path traveled, even their romance was difficult. There was so much that was unknown. Each hiding their demons from the other. It was only when they truly shared their pasts, that we see the true meaning of survival. It's never easy to admit defeat, or to accept your own weaknesses. It's even harder to admit them out loud to others.

Ruined by a madman's bullet tearing through my skull. Ruined by a brain that refuses to keep the memories buried, showing them to me one by one, haunting me twenty-four hours a day. Ruined by the pressure from my mother to be someone I'm not. Ruined by my inability to feel safe, to stop the panic attacks, to not lose myself to fear whenever I'm alone.


Heather C. Leigh has truly put me in a tailspin with this story. It's one I have spoken about, cried about and felt too and soo much about. My heart and my prayers go out to all survivors.

*ARC provided by TRSOR on behalf of the author for an honest review*

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